The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Aspirations You Can Live By!

Happy Groundhog Day! 

He's very cute, isn't he?  So squishy!  Thanks to the random website All Things D for the cute little picture.

Ummmm, I missed it.  Did he see his shadow?

I went to a chiropractor 2 or 3 times a week for about 6 months, just to improve my overall health.  I loved that place!  It was an expensive undertaking - but worth it.  They were always 100% positive.  They had aspirations written on the ceiling (so you could read them when you got an adjustment).  It was great!  I always left very positive in my thoughts and actions.

I think your attitude has such a huge impact on your overall well being.  If you are positive, the world looks a whole lot brighter.

I wanted to share some brightness every week.  These are aspirations that have influenced my life in positive ways - even when things look bleak and dark.

This is one of my personal ones - one that I live by...

                                      The only way to change hearts and minds is through love and kindness.

I would love to hear some of yours.  Please comment and tell me some of the aspirations that you live by.

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