The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1 for Mom - 3,967 for Kids

Ha!  Finally got one mark in my column this morning!

Haha!  I feel so empowered!  Finally - I have won!

Last night the kids were atrocious about going to bed.  They go to bed at 9 PM and last night they were messing around - bed hopping and the works.  Got so frustrated, that I told them no going to the gym since they were being so bad.

The immediately quieted down and went to sleep - hoping that I would change my mind.


Not going to the gym doesn't so so bad.  But, while I am working out, they stay in the Kids Club which is filled with toys, a TV, Nintendo 64 - the works.  They love it!  So, basically while all the other kids are in school - doing their County mandated activities, my kids are hanging out playing games for an hour.  So yeah, by me saying - no gym - it was actually a punishment.

But who was I punishing?  I wanted to go to the gym.  Cardio Kickboxing was today at 9:30 AM and I wanted to go.  Why should I have to suffer for the things that they do?

So, I went to the gym.  I had to get my "workout on!"  I made them come to Cardio Kickboxing with me.  They sat and watched me workout.

Not too bad.  They didn't get to play, I got my workout on - and I got one (finally) in the Mom column.

It's a good lesson - probably the best they will learn.  They see Mama working out and taking care of herself.

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