The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Showing Appreciation

The Site of Armageddon after clean up!

 I was awakened by my 8 year old at 2 AM this morning.  He said he had thrown up and was running around (like a chicken with his head cut off) complaining that his mouth was burning.

     <Still not sure what that was, but if you have any insight, please let me know>

Anyway, I calmed him down and laid him on the couch.  I couldn't do any "hazard waste" clean up cause he kept throwing up - and I had to attend bucket duty.  After the stomach pains started, I decided to wake my husband, so he could tend to the bucket while I cleaned up the bedroom floor, mopped, put all the sheets in the washer, call the doctor, etc.

Plus, I was a nervous wreck and needed some support (which I didn't really get).  My husband just kind of sat there in a daze.  I get so nervous when my kids are sick. 


So things have calmed down - for the moment anyway - so I decided to sit down and do the blog "enjoying" - which I didn't get a chance to do yesterday.  I wanted to get some sewing done- so I had to choose.

I realized that being up (in the middle of the night) is one of Heavenly Father's blessings.  I read Gilly Cannon's Blog Post and it had a major impact on me.  I am sure that because of the situation (the sick kiddo) that I was really able to digest this post.

You know, with the baby, I don't think I hug the two bigger kids enough.  I just need to hold them closer more, you know?  Not necessarily when they are sick, but all the time.  With the daily grind, running from one place to another or doing school, or whatever - things get lost.  I always have to feed the baby, or hold the baby, or otherwise tend to the baby.  I need to make a conscience effort to make more time for the other two. 

It's important.

I need to be a better mother.  Can you tell me how to do that when I need 30 hours in a day?  And how do you do that on very little sleep?  I'm not asking - I'm begging.  Please do tell me, because I desperately want to know. 


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  1. I am literally in tears when my munchkin gets sick. I cry because I wish it was me having to endure his pain. I hope your 8 yr old feels alot better and it is alot of work to clean up throw up, its the worst!

    Maybe you could do little details for your 2 older kids like write sweet I love yous and put them in there back pack or jacket pocket (somewhere they will randomly find it and be reminded of your love), little details. Cook them there favorites, have a movie night on the weekends after the baby is asleep and dedicate time just to the older kids. And you do not need to be a better mother. Your a great mother just for worrying about them and showing them love. We can only do so much and who doesnt wish there were more hrs in the day to love our kids?

    1. It is the worst. I hate throw up. Yuck.

      Such wonderful ideas from a wonderful Mama! Thank you so much. I will put these suggestions to work! Thank you.

  2. Lisa -you must be exhausted. I hope your 8 yr old feels better soon and no one else catches it.
    I love Alvina's message ideas. I have often left little messages on my kids' pillows, in their lunch boxes and on the bathroom mirror (hurray for Post-it Notes!) I also tell them often, how lucky I am to be their Mom. :-). Just the fact that you are thinking about these issues and constantly looking for ways to enrich your parenting seems to indicate to me that you are a great parent!
    Having a baby is exhausting and time consuming, but babies grow and become more independent and that will free up more time for your big kids.
    Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

    Thank you very much for the mention and link up in your post. i greatly appreciate it.


    1. Hey Gilly,

      Thanks for stopping by and all your kind words.

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