The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Roger Federer

He is handsome, isn't he?!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog is going to be everything positive about family.  Strengthening the family unit is what is important to me.  In my opinion, it is whats going to save this world.

So, what does a handsome tennis player have to do with family - you might ask.

Glad you asked!  I am going to tell you!

Roger is 31 years old, and number 2 in the world.  He's on the top of Men's professional tennis - and undoubtedly the best to ever play the sport. He is a great ambassador to the sport and for the world at large.

How do you think he's able to achieve that?

      <Inquiring minds want to know>.

Inherent talent?  Yeah, that probably has something to do with it.  I can't imagine he would be anywhere in tennis without some degree of talent.

Who do you think is sitting in the front of his players box year after year, country upon country - cheering him on?  His wife and his children.  9 times out of 10, Mirka is there cheering for him.  She has been ever present in every stage of his career - the wins - the losses - the everything.  His Mom and Dad are also always there.  If not both, one is always representing.  He has the undeniable support of his family.

And at 31 years old, he is still winning grand slam titles.

Interesting how that works, isn't it?

Where ever they go, Roger ensures that his family is comfortable - by renting nice houses and such.  Yeah, no doubt he has the money - no denying that!  But, he puts forth the effort.  It's not easy traveling with kids, even with nannies.  So, it's a two way street - as relationships should be.

How can anybody be successful without the love and support of the people who are closest to them?

So, tell me, how your family supports you in what you want to do.  Please do tell, because I want to know!

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  1. My family supports me with unconditional Love and faith in my dreams.

    1. Fabulous! Undoubtedly you will achieve those dreams!

      Yay for a supportive family!