The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Friday, January 4, 2013


Hi, I'm Lisa.  This is my family

I'm a homeschooling stay at home Mom.  Well, I homeschool two of them.  The third is a bit young, but is always actively learning from his brother and sister.  Not sure that's a good thing - but that's how it goes I guess.

I own a Wedding Planning business.  I spent many years building it, but as I am very busy with kids, I have decided to take a hiatus.  It is very difficult to speak with clients with kids yelling in the background.  Plus, giving my clients the time they deserve - and keeping up with all the day to day details is almost impossible.  I do miss it - a lot.  There is something very special about being an active participant in somebody's big day.  I just love it.  I have very high standards and I found it very difficult to live up to those standards as I am only one person - and have decided to get rid of my cape.  Haha!

In all my free time (haha) I have found time to learn to sew.  I have been working on it about a year now, and have decided to start another venture.  Oh, how exciting it will be.  After all, I need money so that the kids and I can do the things we need to do.  Kids always need shoes, clothes, and food.  Having gas in the car is also always good.

Whether the business will be successful or not - who knows.  I would really love it to be.  I will work hard, generate an upscale product - and of course - initially - give it away for free.  I hope to make enough money to do what I need to do for the kids and save some too.  That would be very nice.  It's very much in the planning stages though.  Just taking it one day at a time.

I imagine this blog to be a record of the day to day going-on's in mine and the kids life.  It will be a little business, a little personal and a little - little.  I have been working out a lot and trying to loose weight - so - I am sure that will be a topic a conversation as well.

I hope to check in daily - and perhaps gain a following?  We shall see!

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  1. Hi, Lisa! I'm glad you are blogging. I'm trying to start a sewing venture too; I hope you will be sharing about yours here!

  2. I have always wanted to be a great sewer but alas, it's not in the play book for me. Now about this homeschooling is it? What type of curriculum do you use? Is I easier? I do not like th way my kids schools are set up these days - TESTS TESTS TESTS! It's crazy! Thank you for te comment and will be reading more!

    1. Homeschooling is definitely not easy - but it's so worth it - on so many levels. Homeschooling is like a new adventure year to year. I use all different things. I use Saxon for math, explode the code for phonics, A Beka for grammar, Biblioplan for history/geography/literature, and a reason for handwriting for cursive.

      With my daughter, I might just start her with the A Beka phonics/grammar series. Not sure.