The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Son is Greg Heffley

My son got The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series of movies and books from Santa this year, and I have been watching them - mostly while nursing the baby.   I am just in love with all of those movies!  They are so good!

Anyway, I was watching Dog Days yesterday - and realized that my son and Greg Heffley are the same. 


I can see the similarities.  The parents were complaining that Greg was doing this all day...

That's the same kind of stuff we deal with every single day.  So funny!

Now, I'm a cool and hip Mom!  At least I like to see myself that way.  I want my kids to have fun.  I don't like to be the battleaxe ALL THE TIME.  I can see the benefit to gaming!  I mean, when my son was learning to read, I allowed him to play

Which really helped him in his ability to read and to spell.  He was interested and wanted to know what people were saying.  It was a fast and easy process for him.

So, I get that.

But all day?  Really?  I get board watching him.

I think there is a balance.  While he became bored with Wizard, I have allowed the kids to play.  Santa has been known to bring a few games from the Mario Bros series to our house. But when it's time to go outside or get down and dirty with school, there must be an end to all the gaming.

Now, coming to an end -without a complete meltdown - that's the tricky part.


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