The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Makes You Happy?

Advertisers spend millions and millions of dollars trying to convince the American public that their products will make them happy.

So, lets review.

Dandruff shampoo.  The people always look so happy while they are shampooing their hair - don't they?

Beer.  And, the way it's advertised - doesn't it look so cool and refreshing - especially on a hot summer day? 

Wonder if it is as cool and refreshing coming up as it was when it went down?


This is a gorgeous purse.  I would love to have a purse like this.  This would certainly make me happy.  But to make me even happier, I would need a pair of cute shoes to go along with it.

Hum?  Think the passion will wear off after a few days?  I don't know, those shoes are really super cute! 

Thoughts?  It's a very nice watch.  Gold and platinum - nice!

Ahhh, how about this...

With this, you can buy all this and a lot more?  Does this make you happy?

One more. 

How bout this?

Definitely, not enough advertising dollars spent to support this.  And out of all the stuff listed here, this is the one thing that is failing at alarming rates all over this country.

So, please, do tell me - what are the things that make you truly 100% happy. 

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