The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Things that Get My Goat

The Guide to getting on Lisa's Last Nerve!

I pride myself as being a very easy going - generally agreeable person.  Just like anybody, there are some things that get me all my ties tied up in knots.  You know, like fingernails running along a blackboard?

Here is a small list of some of my "things"

Chapter 1 - Family Life

1.  Whining - Self explanatory.   I just can't stand the constant whining - especially at the end of the day - after spending 15 straight hours with the kids.  UGH.

This is my new badge.


2.  The blame game.  It goes something like this

      Son - Mom, where is my Nintendo?
      Mom - I don't know Son.  Where did you put it?
     Son - I don't know <pause>, can you help me find it?
     Mom - You need to find a place to put it so that you know exactly where it is.
    Son - Well, my sister took it and hid it from me.
    Mom - Son, you need to accept responsibility for your things.

Can I tell you how much I hate that?  Over and over again.  The same conversation.

3.  The repetitive.


Chapter 2 - Business

1.  Wanting payment in advance.  Ummmm, that's not happening - period.  My questions...what if I don't like what you do?  What if I can't stand you?  What if I don't like your ideas?  What if you don't complete the project?

I will pay a deposit to start the work, and then the rest will be upon finishing. 

Just looking at blog designers, I am absolutely flabbergasted on how many say they require payment up front - and people actually do it.  Doh! 

2.  Not sticking to a schedule.  I have things to do, as does everybody.  If we have a schedule in place - especially one that you set and I agreed to - then I expect that you are going to stick to it. I understand that things happen, but just don't ignore me.  Talk to me...I am very agreeable (see above).  

If you say you are going to be here by a certain time, I expect that you will be here - plain and simple. Even though I try, it's really hard for me to respect a person who has total disregard for my time.

If you are constantly late with deadlines, my patience runs thin - agreeable pounds the pavement, and so do you.

Chapter 3 - Worldly Matters

Big one for me.  Stereotypes

Neighbor, friend, acquaintance, stranger - Wow, that's a big strapping boy you have.  He can play basketball or football and pay for your retirement.

Mom - <as nicely as possible with a smile on her face> My boy uses his head for more than putting a helmet on it.  Even though it sounds really nice, it's not his responsibility to fund my retirement.

I absolutely refuse to allow my sons to play football or basketball.  This is one of my "things" and I feel very strongly about it.  My kids will go to good colleges, be well educated, be experts in the written and spoken word.  They will absolutely not play basketball, and only over my dead body, will they ever play football.

They can do - anything - anything else.  Tennis, soccer, golf, croquet - all okay.  Football and basketball are no-go's.  Wrestling and hockey would give their old Mom a heart attack.

What are the things that get your goat?   Please do tell me, cause I wanna know.  Maybe we have some things in common.



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  1. Hmmm...I read this post yesterday (or the day before?) and the whole blog design thing really stuck with me. My blog design was a somewhat stressful event; we had such different ideas of what my blog was going to look like. Here's an idea though - have you gone to Etsy and looked for a premade Blogger template? They are normally really affordable and sold in limited numbers so your blog will still be unique. That way, you can see exactly what you're getting before hand. Normally, they'll even install it for you if you want them too (at least with wordpress blogs, they will, so I'm assuming it's the same for blogger). It's still getting a professional design, just a different way.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Thanks for the suggestion too. Something i have never thought of.

      YOu know, it is very stressful. On one hand, you have to find someone who will listen to you, and create your vision. You need someone who is patient who will work with you through the fine details, offer suggestions, etc.

      Then you need, at least I do, someone who is affordable. I mean, come on. I talked to someone who wanted $3,500.00. Are you kidding me? Get real! I want to be succesful, but I have 3 kids who need to eat and go to the doctor. I'm a stay at home Mom for goodness sakes. I'm not going to spend $3,500.00.

      They kind of try to make it seem like- well then it's not your priorority - which is not at all true. I jsut can't afford to spend that much money.

      Then, on another hand or maybe foot, you need someone who is going to work with you personally and not ask to pay in advance to get a line. Dumb. Why should I pay you to wait in a month long line?

      I couldn't quite get the answer to that one.

      Thanks for the suggestion. That is very clever!