The Squishable Baby

The Squishable Baby

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank Goodness for Afternoon Church

Our church building is shared between two Wards (more commonly called congregations).  One Ward attends church in the morning - starting at 9 AM, and the other one starts at 1 PM.  To be fair, every year the ward changes times.  So, the ward that went at 9 AM the previous year, moves to the 1 PM time slot - and vise versa.  This change takes place (in past years) in September - coordinating with the traditional academic schedule.

Well, when the baby was born in August, I wasn't going to return until the 1 PM time came into affect.  Hahaha!  I had my plan and was working it!  Soon after the baby was born, I was informed that we would not be switching until January.

Plan foiled!

Well - needless to say - I was dumbfounded.  How would that work?  Getting 2 kids and 1 infant to church by 9 AM with no help?  Well, it didn't.  I was chronically late.  I don't think we have attended the sacrament meeting (and took sacrament) since October.  It was bad and I was 75% asleep 50% of the time.  It was almost impossible for me to get two kids dressed, fed and ready to go - and be awake and aware at the end of it.  Also, the stress with getting everyone out of the house...  Plus with breastfeeding - I could never get it right.  When (and if) we got to Church, I spent the entire time in the nursing room.

Today was the first day at 1 PM and LOVED IT!  So nice.  I had all morning to get them fed, and breastfed, and all that.  We arrived 5 minutes late, and made Sacrament!  Fast and testimony Sunday.  I got a new calling.  Everything was perfect!  Regular attendance (and taking sacrament) is so important for growing my faith and the faith of the kids.

I feel relieved, spiritually fulfilled.  I feel good!

I just love 1 PM church!


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